Iphone 7Plus Shutter Glass 10D

1. It adopts imported high-quality glass material, which has better light transmission, better exhaust, no anti-fingerprint and stronger adsorption;

2. 4 hours tempering time, fully guarantee the toughness, hardness and surface hardness of the tempered film to reach true 9H;

3. High-grade fingerprint oil plasma spraying process, anti-fingerprint coating wear resistance is stronger, the effect is better;

4. The surface of the large arc edge high-tech, to achieve a perfect fit, the edge feel better;

5. Optical grade transmittance, light transmittance of 99% or more (high transmittance), low reflectivity;

6. Simple and easy to paste. After cleaning with 1 and 2 alcohol wet and dry bags and dust removal stickers, the holes can be automatically sucked and vented after being aligned with the holes; Tips: In the entire industry, under the current technical conditions, 100% anti-fingerprint is impossible, but it can improve the anti-fingerprint effect and reduce fingerprint residue. Even if the fingerprint remains, just wipe it gently. About packaging Tempered film + shockproof bubble bag + alcohol dry and wet bag + dust sticker + carton packaging


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