Bluetooth Dongle

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Bluetooth 4.0 Specification
Fully qualified Bluetooth 4.0 specification system
Support for Bluetooth 3.0 only available with CSR8510
Dual-mode Bluetooth /Bluetooth low energy
Draft Bluetooth low energy HID boot mode support
Full-speed Bluetooth operation with full piconet and scatternet support
Integrated balun
No external regulators required for USB supply operation
Full- speed USB 2.0 interface
WLAN coexistence interface
Green (RoHS compliant and no antimony or halogenated flame retardants)
Design optimised for low-cost PCB manufacture

PC notebooks , netbooks and desktops
TV set-top boxes
USB Bluetooth dongles
Bluetooth designs requiring the USB interface and an HCI interface
Bluetooth low energy

Device Details
Bluetooth low energy

Dual-mode Bluetooth low energy radio
Support for Bluetooth basic rate/EDR and low energy connections
3 Bluetooth low energy connections at the same time as basic rate A2DP

Bluetooth Radio
Integrated balun (50 impedance in TX and RX modes)
No external trimming is required in production
Bluetooth 4.0 specification compliant

Bluetooth Transmitter
9.5dBm RF transmit power with level control from on-chip 6-bit DAC over a dynamic range>30dB
Class 1,Class 2 and Class 3 support without need for external PA or TX/RX switch

Bluetooth Receiver
Receive sensitivity of -91 dBm for basic rate
Integrated channel filters
Digital demodulator for improved sensitivity and co-channel rejection
Real-time digitised RSSI available on HCI interface
Fast AGC for enhanced dynamic range
Channel classification for AFH

Bluetooth Stack
CSR’s Bluetooth Protocol Stack runs on the on-chip MCU:
Support for Bluetooth 4.0 specification features :
Master and slave operation
Including encryption
Software stack in firmware includes :
Security Manager
Attribute protocol
Attribute profile
Bluetooth low energy profile support


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